CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Qualifying Examination

This exam is required from graduates of nursing schools located outside of the United States of America who are interested in practicing as registered nurses in the U.S.

The CGFNS Qualifying Examination is a test of the candidates' nursing knowledge and their understanding and use of English language. They will be awarded a CGFNS Certificate when they have passed both the nursing section and the English language section o f the examination.

To be allowed to work as a registered nurse, persons must have a license. The license is issued by the Board of Nursing in the particular state in which the person is to work. For that candidates have to pass the state licensing examination. Most Boards o f Nursing require a foreign nurse graduate to get the CGFNS Certificate first.

The CGFNS Qualifying Examination is a multiple choice, objective test. It is made up of three test booklets: two for testing nursing knowledge and one for testing English language ability. The test is one day long.

The test is given two times a year (February and August) on the same day all around the world.

Application information and forms are available from the CGFNS.

Contact information:

Order forms for copies of the Official Guide for the CGFNS Qualifying Examination which is published by the CGFNS and which contains practice tests may be obtained from Official CGFNS Study Guide from the above address.

Information and practice test books to use in the reading rooms are available in the American Higher Education Information Center.

Last update: December 13, 1999

(The text is based on the Official Study Guide for the CGFNS Qualifying Examination, published by the CGFNS.)

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