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By means of a valuable special library (books, brochures, periodicals, university/college bulletins and catalogs, a microfiche-catalog, computer databases, CD-ROMs, video tapes) and other resources, the aim of the Information Center is to collect and disseminate information to students, faculty, executives of high schools, colleges and universities, to scholars, professionals and to all our visitors on:

It is also the task of the adviser

Beside the basically higher education profile, we can provide information on elementary and secondary school level educational possibilities, boarding schools and summer opportunities.

Also, though the majority of resources of the Information Center supports clients who are interested in continuing their studies in the United States, several books, directories and other University Library facilities are available for those who inquire about the education of other countries.

We think, that our job is double: to provide information (beginning with giving a general overview of the educational system of the United States to answering every single question which arises during the whole application procedure), and we have an advising role to perform which consists of explaining and interpreting information to help candidates to be able to make their own decisions.

We feel it necessary to note, that the Information Center cannot provide scholarships, stipends, grants for the applicants! They must be able to find funding and to finance their studies. Naturally, advisees can use different means for locating funding sources (national or international foundations, teaching or research assistantships etc.).

The application procedure is time-consuming, therefore it is advisable to start it one or two years before the selected academic year.

All inquirers are welcome in the Information Center to have more detailed information via phone, mail or in person.

Last update: June 24, 2004

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