The American Higher Education Information Center in Szeged began its operation and started to provide its services in May of 1990.

The center was established by three institutions and organizations: the JATE University Library, the United States Information Agency and the Soros Foundation.

Since the office is located in the University Library, it is the library that has been contributing to the operation of the center with the room, with the person of the adviser, with computers, books, with the university infrastructure and with other facilities.

The valuable reference library and other resources, certain technical equipments were provided by the U.S. government, the Soros Foundation and ETS. Presently it is educationUSA that provides a nertwork with financial and professional help for centers like the AFIK.

Beside receiving inquiries from all over Hungary and from the neighbouring countries, the main task of the center is to serve the students, faculty and executives of the community of the 11-faculty University of Szeged , high schools, research centers, the city itself and the whole Eastern-Southern region of Hungary.

The AFIK collects information sent by U.S. universities and make it available for clients. Also, the adviser is ready to help admissions officers in answering questions about Hungarian education to help the evaluation of Hungarian applicants.

The Center has walk-up visitors and receives many inquiries via phone and e-mail. 50 per cent of them (high school and university transfer students) are interested in undergraduate and the other 50 % (students in their fourth or fifth year at the university, young scholars, professionals) in graduate studies.

The Center provides accurate, unbiased information about all accredited U.S. higher education institutions.

Our mission is to support educational and scientific exchanges between Hungary and the United States through educational information on the U.S. and Hungary and through advising services provided to U.S. partners and home country students, scholars, researchers.

Last update: October, 2008

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