As a result of an agreement between the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, U.S. and the American Higher Education Information Center of the University Library a TOEFL Test Center began to operate in Szeged in 1991, and a GRE Test Center in 1994.

It was the former Jozsef Attila University which ensured the first-class equipment for the Listening Comprehension part of the TOEFL and it is also the University which provided the site of the tests (Room VII in the building of the Faculty of Arts).

Since the TOEFL and the GRE General Test became computer-based tests, these tests can be taken only in the CBT test center of Budapest.

However, examinees can still sit for the the paper-based GRE Subject Tests in the Szeged Test Center.

Information with registration forms and preparation materials are available in the Information Center.

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