Students applying to U.S. colleges and universities are expected to sit for admission tests.

The types of the tests required from them depend on the following factors:
The tests are standardized, multiple choice tests that demand a high degree of English language proficiency. Some also require mathematical skills or in-depth knowledge of a field-of-study. Professional schools such as law, medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine have special examinations.

These tests are only one of the factors in the evaluation of a foreign student's record. However, these are good means for students to demonstrate their strength both in their English language command and in their professional knowledge.

Colleges and universities have different admissions requirements which they express in a minimum test score they accept from applicants. Naturally, the higher score examinees can present the better their chances are to get into an institution and receive financial aid.

Several of the tests are already computer-based.


There is one test which, independently from any factors mentioned above, is always important and necessary for study in the U.S. This is the TOEFL: the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Tests required for undergraduate study:
Tests required for graduate study:

Several of the above tests are administered by the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ.

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