TSE (Test of Spoken English)

The TSE test is designed to evaluate the general oral language proficiency of nonnative speakers of English. Examinees are asked to give oral answers to questions which are presented in written and oral form.

The spoken answers are recorded on tape. No writing is required.

The test lasts approximately twenty minutes.

There are two separate registration categories within the TSE program: TSE-A and TSE-P.

TSE-A is for teaching and research assistant applicants who have been requested to take the TSE by the admissions office or department chair of an academic institution. TSE-P is for other individuals, such as those who are taking the TSE test to obtain li censure or certification in a professional or occupational field.

In Hungary TSE can be taken eight times in a testing year.

Bulletins of Information with registration forms are available in the American Higher Education Information Center.

(The text is based on the Bulletin of Information, a publication of Educational Testing Service.)

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