Kronologikus hadtörténet 3 – Újkor 1900-ig – Könyvek

BLACK : Western warfare : 1775–1882 (fülszöveg)


Bold, even breathtaking, in its scope and cutting-edge in its interpretations.

Bruce Vandervort, VMI

Fills a hole in military historiography by compressing into one volume all the conflicts involving Western style armies and navies between 1775 and 1882 and testing them against the issue of whether one can realistically determine the existence of a linear continuum of progress toward warfare in the modern world.

Gerry Bryant,
Bolton Institute, UK

Drawing on both primary and secondary sources, this book offers students an unrivaled account of civil and international conflicts, integrating both naval and land warfare. It covers military capability as well as conflict; social and political contexts as well as weaponry; and tactics and strategy. In addition to examining such major conflicts as the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War, the American Civil War, and the Wars of German Unification, the book redresses the imbalance of previous treatments by examining the neglected conflicts in Latin America or insurgency and counter-insurgency in Europe.


Katalógus Black Tartalom


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