Kronologikus hadtörténet 3 – Újkor 1900-ig – Könyvek

MARSHALL : The war to free Cuba (fülszöveg)


Years of Spanish misrule in Cuba led the people of that island to repeated attempts to gain such basic rights as citizenship, abolition of slavery, and independence. General Marshall skillfully sets the scene of that intensely human drama and goes on to describe the United States' involvement in it. The war proved to be a turning point in U.S. history. For Americans entered upon the Spanish-American War a provincial people, but emerged from it with a world view and far-spread global interests. "Had we not fought Spain in 1898," writes General Marshall," we might never have made war in Southeast Asia in the 1960s."

The author provides moving descriptions of all phases of the Spanish-American War — Dewey's naval victory at Manila Bay, the Cuban revolt, the Maine incident, the attack at El Caney, the defeat of the Spanish fleet at Santiago, action in the Philippines, and many more.


Katalógus Marshall Tartalom


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