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TRACY : Nelson's battles (fülszöveg)


HORATIO NELSON was a hero from the time when his dramatic initiative won the battle of St Vincent in 1797, while his last battle, at Trafalgar, reduced the naval forces of Napoleon so thoroughly that they were no longer able to influence the outcome of the war. This book is a brilliant study of those naval battles which played such an important role in Napoleon's defeat, and is a significant contribution to the study of the development of strategy and naval tactics in the eighteenth century. It also makes a close study of the Admiral's art which, during Nelson's early years, developed faster than at any time since the seventeenth century, and which Nelson himself mastered so consummately.

His three great victories at the Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar are described in detail, but the developments in the decades before form a significant part and are needed for an appreciation of Nelson's achievements. The Seven Years War and the War of the American Revolution stimulated the development of new ideas and the experience gained from them, as well as the developments in ship design and signalling, and the perfection of drill, transformed naval methods. Nelson became a master of them all.

His victories were not simply the fruits of technical prowess, however. No less significant was his ability to judge the strengths and weaknesses of his enemies and, perhaps most important of all, his ability to lead his men; and it was his genius for making decisive moves which became known as 'the Nelson Touch'.

Nelson's Battles covers in detail all the aspects of this story: the great sea battles, the ships and their armament, strategy, battle tactics, signals and instructions and, not least, the protagonist himself.


Katalógus Tracy Tartalom


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