Kronologikus hadtörténet 4 – Újkor 1900-tól – Könyvek

FREEDMAN : Britain and the Falklands War (ajánló)


From April to June 1982 British political life was dominated by a conflict some 8000 miles away in the South Atlantic over a small and obscure group of islands which had been seized by Argentina in pursuit of its claim of sovereignty. Although the military action was concluded fairly speedily, the Falklands War raised a host of questions which continue to exercise students of history and politics. What were the rights and wrongs of the dispute? Was the military response justifiable? How far could the Conservatives' victory in 1983 be attributed to the winning of the war? Britain and the Falklands War provides a concise and accessible account of the origins and resolution of the conflict, looking in particular at the political management of the crisis and the broad strategic factors which influenced its conduct and considering the wider political repercussions and implications for defence and diplomacy.


Katalógus Freedman Tartalom


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