Könyvek – Az USA függetlenségi háborúja


The American Heritage book of the Revolution

Atlas of the American Revolution

BISHOP, Jim : The birth of the United States

BOATNER, Mark M. : Encyclopedia of the American Revolution

BOATNER, Mark M. : Landmarks of the American Revolution

BOBRICK, Benson : Angel in the whirlwind

BOWLER, R. Arthur : Logistics and the failure of the British army in America

BUCHANAN, John : The road to Valley Forge

BUSCH, Noel F. : Winter quarters

CANFIELD, Cass : Samuel Adams's revolution

CASEY, William J. : Where and how the war was fought

CHIDSEY, Donald B. : The great separation

CHIDSEY, Donald B. : July 4, 1776

CHIDSEY, Donald B. : The siege of Boston

CHIDSEY, Donald B. : Valley Forge

CHIDSEY, Donald B. : The war in the South

COUNTRYMAN, Edward : The American Revolution

DAIGLER, Kenneth A. : Spies, patriots, and traitors : American intelligence in the Revolutionary War

DAVIS, Burke : The campaign that won America

DUPUY, R. Ernest – HAMMERMAN, Gay – HAYES, Grace P. : The American Revolution

DUPUY, R. Ernest – DUPUY, Trevor N. : The compact history of the Revolutionary War

ESZENYI László : Híven mindhalálig = Faithful unto death

FAST, Howard : The crossing

FERLING, John : Almost a miracle

FERLING, John : Whirlwind

FLEMING, Thomas J. : Beat the last drum

FLEMING, Thomas J. : 1776

FLEXNER, James T. : George Washington in the American Revolution

FURNEAUX, Rupert : The battle of Saratoga

George Washington's opponents

HIGGINBOTHAM, Don : The war of American independence

HOGG, Ian V. – BATCHELOR, John H. : Armies of the American Revolution *

KETCHUM, Richard M. : The winter soldiers

LENGYEL, Cornel : I, Benedict Arnold

MIDDLEKAUFF, Robert : The glorious case

MIERS, Earl S. : Crossroads of freedom

PALMER, Dave R. : The way of the fox

PÓKA-PIVNY Aladár – ZACHAR József : Az amerikai függetlenségi háború magyar hőse

The Revolution remembered

RISCH, Erna : Supplying Washington's army

ROYSTER, Charles : A revolutionary people at war

SELBY, John : The road to Yorktown

SHY, John : Toward Lexington

SNOW, Dean R. : 1777

STEMBER, Sol : The bicentennial guide to the American Revolution

SZUHAY-HAVAS Ervin : Tizenhárom csillag

TREVELYAN, George O. : The American Revolution

TUCKER, Glenn : Mad Anthony Wayne and the new nation

Who was who during the American Revolution

WRIGHT, Robert K., Jr. – MacGREGOR, Morris J., Jr. : Soldier-statesmen of the Constitution


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