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Topics marked with ! are available only for the faculty, staff and students of the University.

Reading Areas

The visitors of the University Library will find reading areas in both wings of the building of the Study and Information Center. Considering their functions and places, the following large units can be listed:

General Reference

The General Reference is located on the ground floor of the right wing of the building.

The Reference Library consists of general, comprehensive reference works: general bibliographies, national bibliographies, book catalogues, lexicons, encyclopedias, general directories, directories of associations, year books, almanacs, biographies, who's whos, dictionaries - and such reference books of special disciplines from which we have so many copies that we could place some in the General Reference Library as well.

Though a considerable part of our holdings can be identified with the help of the on-line catalogue, the card catalogues are still very useful for books which are not included in the database yet. These catalogue cabinets can be found in the open access area behind the Loan Section.

Besides, it is the General Reference where users can request general inquiry and special information services - both in the form of individual and group guidance - in topics like library usage, special literature, information sources and resources.

During the full opening hours of the Library librarians at the Enquiry Desk help the study and research work of users by locating documents and special literature.

Current Newspapers and Journals General Periodicals

Neighboring the General Reference on the ground floor users will find the current issues (and, in case of journals, all issues of the current year) from the following periodicals: newspapers (Hungarian and foreign), weeklies (Hungarian and foreign), general scientific periodicals (Hungarian and foreign), gazettes, bulletins - and periodicals, magazines that serve relaxation and satisfy interests in culture and information.

The back issues of previous years, the bound copies are located in the proper thematic reading room and/or in the stack rooms.

The periodicals are not borrowable.

Reading Rooms

The books and periodicals placed on the shelves in the reading rooms are organized around certain disciplines.

Within each reading room the shelving is thematic, too: the works are grouped according to different branches and areas of knowledge.

The 5 reading rooms are located in the right wing of the building:

  • General and Social Sciences Reading Room (1 st floor)
  • Historical Sciences Reading Room (2 nd floor)
  • Hungarian and Foreign Languages and Literatures Reading Room (3 rd floor)
  • Mathematics and Sciences Reading Room (4 th floor)
  • Life and Medical Sciences Reading Room (4 th floor)

The periodicals of the reading rooms (as everywhere) are excluded from borrowing. However, from the point of borrowing, there are three types of books placed on the shelves within each subject area:

  • borrowable
  • only for local use
  • only for local use but borrowable for the night.

It means that visitors can take the books from the shelves and

1) if they want to read them only for a short period or the books are not borrowable they can use the material in the reading rooms,

2) or they can carry the borrowable books down to the Loan Section and borrow them because they need them for a longer period. The majority of the books available on the open access shelves is borrowable.

Besides giving opportunity for selecting books for the purpose of borrowing, these areas provide comfortable, convenient places for reading, learning and using the computers.

Librarians are available in every reading room to help finding the books and periodicals both in the on-line catalogue and on the shelves.

Multi-function Rooms

These (4) rooms are located on the ground floor of the right wing.

In one of the rooms video conferences can be held, while the others, in an automated and library environment, are used for providing lectures to groups in topics like how to use the library, how to use the on-line catalogue (successful search strategies, etc.), resources on the home page of the Library, electronic journals and databases, special literature information sources for different subjects and disciplines, e-sources on the Internet, multimedia tools in the Library.

That is, in these rooms such complex meetings can be held that support university courses with information on the required special literature.

Computer Labs

The computer labs are located on the 1 st floor of the left wing of the building. In this large area (which can be separated to smaller areas) 162 computers can be used by those University citizens who possess a chip-equipped, staff or student university card.

Beside services provided through the Library network (intranet information sources and services, on-line journals, databases, etc.) users have full Internet access and can use MS Office tools (like word processing programs, spreadsheets, etc.)

Users can download electronic documents to their own PenDrive or, with the help of an operator, to CD-ROM. Printing of materials is also available. In order to pay the price of fee services, users also need to have a chip-equipped ID card.

Individual and Group Study Area

These areas make possible that beside the traditionally quiet reading room zones a small group can work together in the library environment. The place of this is the 3 rd floor of the left wing.

In this large, 100-seat area mobile furniture and mobile walls ensure the forming of the proper space for the groups. There are 24 computers at the disposal of users in order to help learning together with books and periodicals. In addition, a lab of 48 computers provides access to Internet and intranet resources.

Coming from the function of the area, with the exception of a part which is dedicated to the more concentrated learning, the quiet conversation is permitted here.


On the 2 nd and 3 rd floor of the left wing one-person carrels can be reserved. The small rooms are to help the research work of faculty members and guest scholars of the Library and the University.

These are not equipped with computers but readers can use their own notebooks.



  Last update: 10 01 2006