Short Portuguese Lessons

Welcome to these Short Portuguese Lessons! My intention is to give a brief introduction to the language for those who might be curious about it. These lessons can be useful for people who are planning to visit Portugal, Brazil, or any other place where Portuguese is spoken. This is not intended to teach everything there is to know about Portuguese!

But why learn Portuguese? There is a number of reasons I could point out:

Frequently Asked Questions about these lessons

The lessons so far:

Something special for those who speak Spanish:

Conversion rules Spanish - Portuguese

Where can I find more info about the Portuguese language?

Portuguese Dictionary Online A very useful tool for those learning the language

The Portuguese Language: An excellent introduction to the history and devolopment of the Portuguese language.

Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa: The newly formed community of all Portuguese-speaking countries

Foreign Languages for Travellers: Lots of words (including sounds). One of the most useful sites on the net!

Portugal Net - Letras: Lots of resources regarding the Portuguese language and literature

The Portuguese-speaking countries and territories in the world:


Something about Galiza, its language and culture:

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